December 07, 2008
'Supernatural' makes the Top 25 CDs of 2008 list in Indie Music Magazine! Read review here.
June 05, 2008
'One Touch' gets selected for Z100 NEW!, which reaches 10 million people per month on near 500 radio station websites across the country!
May 22, 2008
- interview in EQ
- Muu Muse article
May 16, 2008
Doe Deere supports free music downloading - here's why.
May 08, 2008
'One Touch is featured as Song of the Day on PopJustice!
May 6, 2008

- Album review: Electroqueer
- Editor's Pick of the Month:
- Feature: MentortainmentTV

May 01, 2008
'One Touch' hits #1 on the Electroqueer chart!!!
April 21, 2008
'Supernatural' has officially been released into the wild! {Get your copy now}

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